Thanks for patiently waiting for us to announce the details of the 2023 Symposium. Our symposium committee is working hard to put together a successful in-person event this year. We have an exciting slate of talks, panel discussions and paper presentations that cover a wide range of relevant topics in the offshore industry.


Building a Jones-Act subsea rock installation vessel for the US Offshore Wind Industry

Speaker: Eleni Beyko, SVP Offshore Wind, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

The US has an ambitious Offshore Wind goal to install 30GW of bottom fixed wind capacity by 2030. However, the US does not have enough vessels and more importantly Jones Act vessels that will be required to transport, build, operate and maintain these wind farms. GLDD is currently building a Jones Act subsea rock installation vessel that will be used for scour protection of the wind turbines. Eleni’s talk will give an overview of the current state of the US offshore wind vessel market and GLDD’s activities in this market.

Panel Discussion

Offshore LNG – state of the industry and future opportunities


The LNG markets have been in a state of volatility in the last year with the Russian war in Ukraine. Many European countries have been building FSRU based import terminals to replace piped gas with LNG. Similarly many Asian and Latin American countries are also building FSRU based import terminals. The US has become of one the biggest exporters of LNG in the world. This panel will discuss some of the technical aspects and challenges involved with getting FSRU and FLNG projects started, the studies and training needed to ensure safe operations and the general dynamics of a constantly changing trade.

Opening Address

Current state of the US and global offshore markets and the changing landscape

Speakers: Matthew Tremblay, VP Offshore Global Markets, ABS

Matthew will give an overview about the state of the Offshore O&G market, energy transition, sustainability efforts and the continued modernization driving the industry forward.

Spotlight Session

Normally Unattended Facilities

Hosted by David Hodapp, Chevron

Paper Presentations

Paper presentations on topics in Offshore O&G, Offshore wind, hydrodynamics, structures, CFD. The list of presentations is given below. The schedule will be updated shortly.

  1. Hydrodynamic analysis of ducted horizontal axis marine turbines via a BEM
  2. Method to develop fast response & live cruise CFD data stream to digtial twinning control software
  3. Numerical prediction of skin friction coefficient by coupling a BEM with x-foil: effect on the hydrofoil and propeller performance
  4. Port infrastructure upgrades for offshore wind and commercial fishing
  5. A study of multiple wave prose methods to resolve wave reflections
  6. Results from the world’s largest arctic ships and advancements of propulsion technology
  7. Case study of creating a brand new, ultra-efficient data-driven offshore independent operator
  8. Insight into parameters influencing wash displacement efficiency through CFD modelling
  9. Embedded sensor technology for oil & gas sub-structures and super-structures
  10. Missing the mark – why we will not meet our offshore renewable energy goals and how to fix it
  11. Identifying safety leading indicators for the offshore industry
  12. High entropy alloys as a new alternative of corrosion resistant alloys for marine applications
  13. Single point moorings as offshore battery charging stations
  14. Modelling viscoelastic behavior is essential for accurate mooring analysis of HMPE ropes
  15. Fuel choices for carbon reduction and impact of vessel design
  16. Case study: floating wind turbines, large corrective operation

SNAME T&R Presentations

Presentations from the various SNAME T&R committees

  • SNAME Offshore Committee T&R Advisory Panel (Alberto Morandi)
  • Principles of Underwater Intervention (Roy Thomas)
  • J-REG JIP: Development of Guidelines for Site-Specific Assessments (SSAs) of Offshore Wind Farm Jack-ups (Jim Brekke)
  • Application of the Robustness Philosophy to Offshore Challenges New and Existing (Brian Cheater)

Student Posters

Coming soon

Please visit to check the bios of the speakers. Also, don’t forget to register at .The early bird prices run through Feb 21, 2023.

The symposium starts with the opening address by Matthew Tremblay at 8:30am on March 8, 2023. This will be followed by the panel discussion moderated by Arjan Voogt. The keynote address by Dr. Eleni Beyko will be during lunch at 12pm. The paper presentation sessions will be distributed evenly in the morning and post-lunch sessions. There will be a drinks reception for all attendees at 5pm. A more detailed schedule will be uploaded shortly.