Thanks for patiently waiting for us to announce the details of the 2023 Symposium. Our symposium committee is working hard to put together a successful in-person event this year. We have an exciting slate of talks, panel discussions and paper presentations that cover a wide range of relevant topics in the offshore industry.

07:00 – 08:30



07:30 – 08:30

Pecan Room

Professional Practice Update/Ethics Course by TBPE

08:30 – 09:15

Red Oak Ballroom A/B

Opening Address

Current state of the US and global offshore markets and the changing landscape

Speakers: Matthew Tremblay, VP Offshore Global Markets, ABS

09:15 – 10:30

Red Oak Ballroom A/B

Panel Discussion

Offshore LNG – state of the industry and future opportunities


10:30 – 10:50


Coffee Break

Sponsored by Halton Marine

10:50 – 12:00

Morning Technical Sessions

Live Oak Room

Session Chair: Piotr Szalewski (DNV)

Results from the World’s Largest Arctic Ships and Advancements of Propulsion Technology

Samuli Hanninen, Sampo Viherialehto, Torsten Heideman, Pirjo Maattanen, Ahmad Arslan (ABB OY Marine and Ports)

Classification of Single Point Moorings as Offshore Battery Charging Stations

Joseph H Rousseau , Jude Tomdio (ABS)

Fuel Choices for Carbon Reduction and Impact on Vessel Design

Julian Gaitley (Herbert Engineering Corp)

Pecan Room

Session Chair: Amir Izadparast (Sofec)

Identifying Safety Leading Indicators for the Offshore Industry

Weihang Zhu, Ezra Wari (University of Houston), Rick Curtis, Kevin Mcsweeney (ABS), James Curry, Brian Craig (Lamar Univ)

High Entropy Alloys as a new alternative to corrosion resistant alloys for marine applications

Marcelo Paredes (Texas A&M)

Modelling Viscoelastic Behaviour is essential for accurate mooring analysis with HMPE ropes

Rigo Bosman, Marc Kanters, Binay Patel (Avient Protective Materials)

Elm Room

Session Chair : Amitava Guha (Exxon)

Method to develop fast response & live cruise CFD data stream to digital twinning control software

Serdar Firkan

Insight into parameters influencing wash displacement efficiency through CFD modelling

Amal Phadke, Lars Hovda (Conocophillips Company), Praveen Gonuguntla (Tridiagonal Solutions, Inc)

High-fidelity CFD simulations of a high-speed craft for towing tank tests in calm water

Ahmed Hamada (Texas A&M)

12:00 – 13:30

Red Oak Ballroom A/B

Lunch Keynote Address

Building a Jones-Act subsea rock installation vessel for the US Offshore Wind Industry

Speaker: Eleni Beyko, SVP Offshore Wind, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation


SNAME Membership Awards

13:30 – 14:30

Afternoon Technical Sessions 1

Live Oak Room

Session Chair: Yuchen Shang (TAMU)

Hydrodynamic analysis of ducted marine turbine: Study on the duct and turbine efficiency

Seungnam Kim, Kyle S.Kumar, Spyros Kinnas (UT Austin)

Numerical Prediction of Skin Friction Coefficient by Coupling a Bem With X-Foil: Effect on the Hydrofoil and Propeller Performance

Thomas S. Wu, Seungnam Kim, Spyros A. Kinnas (UT Austin)

A Study of Multiple Wave Probe Methods to Resolve Wave Reflections

Ashley Mullen, Paul Koola, Sharath Girimaji (Texas A&M)

Pecan Room

Session Chair: Shiladitya Basu (KBR)

Spotlight Session on Normally Unattended Facilities (NUF)


  • William West (Shell)
  • David Hodapp (Chevron)
  • Marcelo Brochado (Petrobras)

14:30 – 14:50


Coffee Break

Sponsored by GustoMSC

14:30 – 16:30

Read Oak Ballroom B

Exhibits: Student Posters

14:50 – 16:15

Afternoon Technical Sessions 2

Live Oak Room

Session Chair: Julian Gaitley (Herbert)

Actionable Carbon Intensity Benchmarking for OSVs

Patrick Sanguily (Spinergie)

Case Study of Creating a Brand New, Ultra-Efficient, Data-driven Offshore Independent Operator

Adrian Purdy (Cantium LLC), Colin Frost (Energective LLC)

Embedded Sensor Technology Application for Offshore Energy Industry

Achyut Kumar Allady (Smart Infrastructure Group), Ramesh Maini (Zentech Inc)

Pecan Room

Session Chair: Gaurav Singhal (Wood)

Port Infrastructure Upgrades for Offshore Wind and Commercial Fishing

Barbara A Stone, Ceasar Duarte (New Bedford Port Authority)

Missing the Mark – Why we will not meet our offshore renewable energy goals and how to fix it

Roy Robinson (Excipio Energy, Inc)

Case Study: Floating Wind Turbines, Large Corrective Operation

Thalia Kruger (Principle Power)

Hydromine, a novel utility level hydro-kinetic system powering Power to X

Carsten Westergaard (Westergaard Solutions, Inc)

16:00 – 17:00

Live Oak Room

SNAME T&R Sessions

SNAME Offshore Committee T&R Advisory Panel

Alberto Morandi

J-Reg JIP: Development of guidelines for site-specific assessments of offshore wind Jack-ups

Jim Brekke

Principles of underwater intervention

Roy Thomas

Application of the robustness philosophy to offshore challenges new and existing

Brian Cheater

Red Oak Ballroom B

Student and Young Professionals Meet and Greet

17:00 – 19:00

Red Oak Ballroom B

Drinks Reception

Please visit https://www.snamesymposium.com/speakers/ to check the bios of the speakers. Also, don’t forget to register at https://www.snamesymposium.com/symposium-registration/ .The early bird prices run through Feb 21, 2023.