Tuesday, January 8, 2019

11:30 am – 1:30 pm CT
(webinar starts at 12:30 pm)

Norris Conference Centers – Houston

816 Town and Country Blvd #210, Houston, TX 77024


Improved Onsite Stability Measurement through Data Analytics

Column-Stabilized Units or Column-Stabilized Drilling Units (CSUs or CSDUs) are the most sensitive of all rig designs to changes in weight and limits on variable deck load (VDL). Since VDL directly affects the customer’s ability to efficiently execute a well construction program, it is essential to maintain the unit’s stability through a comprehensive weight control effort.

Despite the best weight control efforts, owners may face a situation where a “ghost” weight needs to be added to a conservatively high location in order to accommodate errors in weight control. Both Class and Regulatory requirements include provisions for controlling weights and require mandatory inclining tests at new construction and after a five-year period.

In service stability tests can be conducted to enhance and confirm the weight control process and to verify, on an ongoing basis, the location of the vertical center of gravity (VCG). ABS offers the formalized process in association with Tymor Marine and the process has approval in principal from flag administrations as an alternative to traditional inclining tests.

The presentation will focus on the ABS Guidance Notes for In-service Hull Stability Verification. The in-service hull stability verification program allows the location of vertical center of gravity of a Column-Stabilized Unit (CSU), hereafter referred as “unit”, to be determined throughout its operation life at any point in time.

Meet Our Speakers

Jan 2019 Luncheon Speaker

Chris Corcoran

Chris Corcoran is a Senior Adviser in the ABS Global Offshore division. He has served in various domestic and international roles in the ABS survey operations division involving development and application of classification and statutory compliance for offshore units, ships and fixed installations. Chris’s career in the offshore and maritime industries spans over forty years, including seventeen years with drilling contractors, where he managed global projects and operations technical support. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.