Welcome to the symposium!

The schedule of the day’s events is shown below. The symposium starts at 8:30am with the opening address. The registration opens at 7:45am and we also have a mini breakfast. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the professional ethics webinar.

Details about the plenary sessions, panels and SNAME T&R sessions are given on the home page. The list of papers is given below:

Live Oak Morning Session (11am – 12pm)
On the Edge: What Happens When the Achieved Preload Reaction Is Exceeded
An Innovative Feeder Concept of the Wind Turbine Installation Vessel with Barge Lifting Module
Liquid Cargo for Vibration Absorber Applications by Double Pendulum Modeling
Pecan Morning Session (11am – 12pm)
Emission Reduction, Safety, and System Redundancy: Battery in Offshore Wind Service Operation Vessels (SOV) and Offshore Oil and Gas Vessels
Technology for OSV Vessels in Ice Conditions
CFD Simulation of the OC6 Phase IV Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platform
Pecan Afternoon Session 1 (2pm – 3pm)
Prediction of Flat-to-Slant Fracture Transition in Ductile Failure Mechanism Under Different Loading Modes
Modeling Drop Weight Tear Test Procedure for X65 Q&T Pipeline Steel Including Reverse Fracture
Corrosion Sensors Used for Structural Health Monitoring of Oil and Natural Gas Infrastructure
Pecan Afternoon Session 2 (3:40pm – 5pm)
Inverse Estimation of Ocean Waves Using Artificial Neural Networks Based on Motions of an FPSO and Environmental Variables
Guidance on the Verification and Validation of Digital Twins
Real-Time Enhancement of Visual Clarity in Turbid Waters for Commercial Divers and ROVs
Computational methods for the design and prediction of performance of marine ducted turbines

The arrangement of the various rooms at the Norris Conference center is shown below.