2020 Offshore Symposium speakers to be announced.

Below is the Distinguished Keynote speaker from the 2019 Offshore Symposium.

Keynote Speaker

“Blue Oceans: Offshore and Ship Research for Future Maritime Challenges'”

Dr. Bas Buchner

Dr. Bas Buchner

President, MARIN (Maritime Institute Research Netherlands)

Dr. Bas Buchner studied at Delft University of Technology and graduated in 1991. He joined MARIN and was responsible for many offshore model test and simulation projects related to mooring, platform response, offloading analysis and wave impact loading. He specialized in the topics of extreme waves, green water loading and wave impacts. He completed his PhD on the subject of ‘Green Water Loading on Ship Type Offshore Structures’ (2002). He was Manager of the MARIN Offshore Department from 2000 to 2010 and was the leader of many Joint Industry Projects (JIP’s) in the Offshore sector. He act as Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and has authored more than 50 papers in the field of Offshore hydrodynamics. Since 2011, he is President of MARIN.